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The projects carried out by Istanbul Gelisim University Career Centre with the motto ‘Gelişim’de F.A.R.K. Yaratan Kariyer’ consist of four main headings; Being Aware, Being Searcher, Being Rational and Being Participator. 

Being an individual having high self-awareness, being aware of strengths and weaknesses, having certain goals for the development of the career and endeavoring to strengthen the strengths more and develop the weaknesses in a planned way.

Being an individual following the developments in the field on a global and local scale, examining the potential working areas throughly and making researches for the ways to contribute.

Being an individual behaving logically, being prudent and rational on the decisions, making plans and making predictions for obstacles while realizing the plan and making preparations for them.

Being an individual who is not a passive outlooker of the life but an active participant to it, not a complainant or having an excuse but solution oriented, innovator and being a pioneer for the positive changes by offering creative alternatives.