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As IGU Career Center, we are part of a very large team. We carry out the career development projects in cooperation with School's Student Council, Peer Mentors, Alumni Association, the administrative staff of Public Relations Department, Information Technologies Department, Student Affairs, Library, SKS (Health, Culture & Sports), Erasmus and the chairs of academic departments. 

We work with the project groups, which we form with the 'power of diversity' principle.

While forming our project groups, we take into consideration the knowledge and skill as well as willingness. Our teams' willingness regarding the contribution to successful results make it possible for us to provide high quality services to our students, graduates and employees.


Director of Career Center

I was born in Istanbul in 1962. I graduated from Istanbul Technical University, Faculty of Management Engineering in 1984 and I started my career as a Market Research Manager at PIAR Gallup International.

Thanks to my internships during my strong professional education and training; I successfully managed various qualitative and quantitative research projects such as feasibility studies, research on consumer attitudes and behaviors, new product tests, brand research, pre and post tests of advertisement and customer satisfaction surveys. In this process, finding opportunities to work with large-scale national and international companies has provided valuable contributions to me. The "researcher point of view" I have obtained during my first work experience supported and guided me in the following years. During my 17 years of employment with international organizations operating in the pharmaceutical, medical, media, advertising and retail sectors; I have worked as a manager in production planning, strategic planning, quality management, customer relations and marketing communications.

I have learned to learn from my failures as much as being happy from my achievements. I have understood the value of transforming knowledge into skill and talent.

I joined FranklinCovey Turkey in 2003 and started to work as a trainer and facilitator in the field of Corporate Education and Consultancy. Recognizing the profound difference between knowing and transferring the knowledge to others appeared as a new field of development before me. I became a member of the International Association of Facilitators (IAF) and, in order to develop my facilitation competencies I have participated in seminars, conferences, and trainings organized by the IAF in different European countries. The knowledge I have obtained on basic psychology adult learning theory, the involvement of adults in the learning process, and the enhancement of learning motivation have increased my interest and excitement on this subject. I have been working in organizational development projects for almost 15 years and I continue learning.

While working on corporate learning projects, I have had the opportunity to witness closely the adaptation problems experienced by youth throughout their transition from university to career. I have realized that the adaptation issue, an important handicap in terms of career development, is due to the fact that they cannot focus on developing social skills by focusing on acquiring professional knowledge during their education. And even in the later years of career, becoming job-oriented, is causing social skills development to be neglected

When I started with my new post as the Director of Career Development Center at Gelişim University, we have embraced the slogan of "Career which Makes a Difference in Development". We aim to make a difference in career development with the support we receive from our visionary directors, academicians, administrative units and students. The difference we want to create is to enrich our students, graduates and our employees' professional knowledge with social skills and support them to be individuals who pay attention to what they do, why they do and how they do and thus contribute to the quality of the social life.

Mehmet Emin KEKE

Vice Director of Career Center

Ülkelerin kalkınmaları ancak eğitimle mümkün olur. Ülkemizin gelişmesine katkı sağlamak isteyen her eğitimci gibi ben de bunu kendime görev edindim. Bir öğretmen olarak ülkemizin ihtiyaç duyacağı milli ve manevi değerlerine bağlı, entelektüel ve aynı zamanda bir dünya vatandaşı olabilecek nesiller yetiştirmek için çalıştım ve hala çalışmaktayım.

Uludağ Üniversitesi ile başladığım yolculuğum şu anda İstanbul Gelişim Üniversitesi’nde devam etmekte. Bu sırada; biri eğitim, diğeri de işletme olmak üzere iki tane yüksek lisans yapma imkânı buldum. Bir yandan öğretmenlik yaparken diğer yandan diğer yandan İstanbul Gelişim Üniversitesi’nin Kariyer Merkezi ve Akademik Merkez’de çalışmalarıma devam etmekteyim.

Öğrencilerimle birlikte TÜBİTAK’a projeler hazırladık. Avrupa Birliği Projeleri içinde yer aldık. Girişimcilik ve inovasyonla ilgili bir etkinlik olduğunda bunun içinde öğrencilerimizin de yer alması için çaba gösterdik.

Eğitim, meyvelerini yıllar sonra alabileceğimiz bir koşu; bir bayrak yarışı. Büyüklerimizden aldığımız bu bayrağı gelecek nesillere en iyi şekilde aktarabilmek biçin biz “Gelişim Üniversitesi Kariyer Merkezi” olarak var gücümüzle çalışmalarımızı sürdürmekteyiz.

Ecem Yegen

Career Center Specialist

I graduated from Istanbul Gelişim University, Department of Political Science and International Relations in 2016. Currently, I am a graduate student in the department of Political Science and International Relations.

I have always had a special interest in Political Science. The most important contribution for me was to be able to look at social policies from a wider perspective by conducting extensive research in my field. The most amazing aspect of my department is to be able to use the academic education and theoretical knowledge I have obtained.  

Being employed at the Career Center is also a great opportunity for me. I am excited to take part in our students, our graduates and our employees' work in career and personal development. I think that having an active role in the projects of Career Center has a significant contribution in my personal development and career. 

Our primary goal as the Career Center is to train aware, researcher, rational and participatory students and "ensure that they develop with Gelişim".

In addition to all these, I also serve as the Founding Chairman of the Board of Directors of the University's Alumni Association.