Istanbul Gelisim University

Career Center

Our Vision, Mission & Values


Our vision includes making contribution to social life -from art to engineering, health to economy, trade to policy, sports to business management in a large spectrum- with individuals having social skill, and high competence and thus, contributing to the development of life quality by making a big difference.


To support our students, alumni and staff;
  • Caring for self knowledge and self-enhancement, having high self awareness,
  • Following developments in the field, making researches both in global and local level,
  • Having goals, taking planned actions and being rational,
  • Active participation in the projects providing added value during the institutional and social development process


Our compass is our principles. As career centre, we never make concessions of our essential principles in our works. Our principles indicates whether we are in the right way.

Building Trust
We are straightforward. We ensure mutual benefits and we always have a win-win manner. We believe in the sustainability of learning, improve ourselves and always work to set out results in higher quality standards.

Creating Synergy
We value differences and see the different opinions as an important developmental opportunity. We take empathy and effective listening as the prior condition for creating synergy. We give importance to create effective listening environments in which everyone may express their opinions and thoughts clearly.

Being Agile
We don't ignore the fast and radical changes in every field of life in today's world full of uncertainty (VUCA). We approach occasions with a proactive perspective. We make researches, learn, plan, make preparations. We take our mistakes as effective learning opportunities. We are prescient and solution oriented.