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Peer Mentor Handbook

Peer Mentorship project is based on volunteerism.  Students, who want to get involved in Peer Mentor Project conducted by İGÜ Career Center, need to join Peer Mentor Training Program. 

There are two main objectives of the tree day introductory training program. The first one of these objectives is to help candidate mentors to gain a general point of view regarding Peer Mentorship concept and the second is to help them to clarify their roles as Peer Mentors.

If the students, who are completed the introductory training program successfully, want to be a member of IGU Peer Mentors' Team need to join specialization trainings. The peer mentorship specialization trainings consist of trainings such as effective communication, relationship management, emotional intelligence, creative problem solving, planning and organization, confliect management, body language and etc. 
To download the Peer Mentor Handbook please click.