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Peer Mentor Project

Although it has become popular with its uses in the business world, Mentoring has now turned into a method commonly used in many different areas and offering significant contributions.

Education is one of the areas that mostly benefit from the mentoring approach.

Various different types of mentoring are used in the field of education in order to promote academic success, to increase the satisfaction with the school life, and to contribute in the personal development of students. Peer Mentoring approach is considered as one of the types of mentoring approaches providing the greatest benefits for the development of the education process.

There are numerous studies showing that the students’ academic achievements have increased, their feeling of connection to school has been promoted, the students’ social skills have improved and the rate of discontinuing education has decreased to a noticeable extent, thanks to Peer Mentoring practices conducted successfully.

Provided below is our mission, and vision and the set of our indispensable values that have arisen as a result of the study that we have conducted together with our pioneering students attending our group entitled Peer Mentors creating a Difference (F.A.R.K.) at Gelişim;

To strengthen the communications and to improve the solidarity among the students of Istanbul Gelişim University, and to create a cooperation environment based on mutual trust at our university.

To establish a sustainable success-focused Development (Gelişim) Culture that we will be lifelong proud of being a member thereof.


Being Respectful
To be gracious, to approach people with sincerity and to make them feel valued by us with our behaviours

Being Trustworthy
To be straightforward, to not deviate from what is correct, and to not cast aspersions on people that are absent in the environment.

Being Open-Minded
To try to thoroughly understand the situations, developments and innovations, and to not react without understanding. 

Valuing Differences
To see different opinions as an opportunity to create an important development and synergy.

Having Self-Discipline
To set targets, assume responsibility and work heartily in order to successfully fulfil the obligations and to not easily give up the fight against the obstacles. 

Being Agile
To pay attention to be neat, tidy and tactful and to lay the necessary groundwork that will provide flexibility against instantaneous developments.