Istanbul Gelisim University

Career Center

We are "AWARE"

Our Defination of "Being Aware"

To be a person whose self-awareness is high, who knows her/his both strengths and weaknesses, who has clear and well-defined career goals and also to be a person who makes an endeavour to improve himself/herself in order to achieve his/her career goals.

The works carried out by IGU Career Centre in order to improve the self awareness of our students, alumni and staff are as follows;

Self Assessment & Personality Inventory
With the help of self assessment studies, carried out by using SWOT, SOAR, GAP Analysis, GROW and this kind of methods, and personality inventories we help our students, alumni and staff improve their self awareness and reveal their potentials.

Career Management Workshops – Career Route
In the "My Career Route" workshops open to the attendance of all students beginning from the preparatory class, we reveal the difference between profession and career, handle the career planning process from all aspects and enhance social skills necessary for determining the career routes for students.

Powerful Steps—Certification Program
Our certification program named "Powerful Steps" open to the attendance of second and third class and postgraduate students and administrative staff consists of 5 modules (40 hours);
1st Module: Using Emotional Intelligence
2nd Module: Being Proactive and Solution Oriented
3rd Module: Prioritizing and Managing Time
4th Module: Establishing Effective Communication
5th Module: Win-Win Agreements and Synergy

Self Development Workshops
We aim to have students gain the social competence necessary for professional working area, even when they are students. We realize the workshops contributing to them to make a powerful start for their career, within the scope of Gelisim' de F.A.R.K. Project. Presentation Skills, Entrepreneurships, Negotiation Skills, Project Management, Conflict Management, Innovation, Creative Problem Solution and many other workshops are open to the attendance of all students.

Career Consultancy and Career Coaching
Main starting point of our career consultancy and career coaching services is to be with the students while they are determining the most suitable career route for themselves, to mirror them and easify their decision making process.
Students wishing to take advantage of our career consultancy and career coaching services served by a team of experts are expected to firstly attend the workshop named "My Career Route". After this, we determine their needs and expectations in the one to one meetings and decide how to form the consultancy or coaching process together.