Istanbul Gelisim University

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Our Defination of "Being Participator"

To be a person who is an interactive participator of life, not just a passive audience, who is solution oriented and generates innovative and creative alternatives that lead positive change.
We support our students, alumni and staff to determine the problems and developmental areas of our university and to be innovative, creative solutions producers, pioneers for the change and active individuals.

Gelisim Leaders Academy, being actualized with the Administrative Unit Managers, and Peer Mentor Project, conducted with our students, are two important projects given under this topic.

Gelisim Leaders Academy
In the meetings of Gelisim Leaders, actualized with our Administrative Unit Managers and staff, we strengthen our cooperation between the units, review the processes and determine the sense of total quality and the improvement steps and prepare action plans.

Peer Mentor Project
We actualized the IGU Project of Peer Mentor Making Difference in Gelisim to strengthen the communication between our students, provide solidarity and build a cooperative environment based on a mutual trust. Within the scope of this project, attracting a great attention in our students and becoming popular quickly, approximately 100 students attended the Peer Mentor training.