Istanbul Gelisim University

Career Center


Our Defination of "Being Searcher"

To be a person who is a close follower of the developments in his/her field both globally and locally, who investigates the potantial working areas thoroughly and also to be a person who thinks and searchs for the 'added value' that he/she can generate in order to contribute to his/her field.

The works conducted by us to support our students, alumni and staff to follow the developments in their filed are as follows:

Career Fair in Gelişim
We are aware of the importance of reaching the exact information in first hand and having a wide area network in the career planning process of our students and organize Career Fair in Gelisim every year to support them in this way. Our students, personnel, manager and Human Resources specialists in different positions of the pioneer companies in their field meet in the same platform in Career Fair in Gelisim.

By attending the panel and workshops within the scope of fair our students both have the knowledge about the working styles and recruitment policies of the companies in different fields and have the opportunity of investigating working opportunities that are internship, part-time, full-time or project oriented.

Career Talks in Gelişim
Another important opportunity regarding the career development plans for students provided by us is the Career Talks in Gelisim. In the career talks in which we entertain speakers from various sectors and different working areas and having successful careers as guests, our students learn about the essential principles of success, tough process behind success and methods for struggling against challenges and have the opportunity to ask the questions in their minds to our guests directly.

Economic and Sectoral Researches
We believe that our students must have exact information about general economic trends and sectoral developments in order to make right decisions for their career goals and advance with sound steps. In cooperation with our library, we continuously follow the economic indicator analysis and sectoral reports from confidential sources and share them with our students.

Company Outings
We hold company outings for pioneer and innovative companies from different fields with our students wishing to move their researches on sector and companies forward. In these outings our students have the opportunity of observing the working areas closely, talk to the personnel and have their questions answered by first person and develop their relationship network by introducing themselves to them.